Dancing with students and faculty

I’ve been an editor at Cal since 2006. While I write about faculty and students every day, I rarely get to work with them directly. I’m also a dance and theater artist. In 2015, I asked the chair of the theater department if I could audition for their major annual dance production. Not only did she say “yes,” but I was in it for three consecutive years. And it lit the way to additional collaborations with other departments, including co-creating three hilarious pieces with Ph.D. students in bioengineering! My friends often comment on how lucky the students are to work with a professional, blah blah blah, to which I say, “I’m the lucky one!” As a middle-aged woman trying to keep up with younger students, I’m moving my body in challenging ways. I’ve worked with three esteemed choreographers and one world-renowned professor. In true Berkeley style, every piece has been rooted in issues of social justice or science, opening my mind to new ways of thinking. But most importantly, I get to hang out with our curious, brilliant, compassionate, kind, adventurous students — helping me feel more connected to Berkeley’s mission and more hopeful for our future.

Photo of six dancers clad in blue work clothes, dancing on the red stripes of an American flag

Pictured: Flag, choreographed by Ann Carlson for Berkeley Dance Project 2015.

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