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About this site

What is it? is a library of uplifting stories and videos featuring our brilliant research, students, faculty, and the buildings where they live, work, and learn. It’s the companion website to, where you can search for giving opportunities that speak to your interests and make contributions.

Who created it?

University Development and Alumni Relations, UC Berkeley’s centralized unit dedicated to engaging with alumni, donors, students, and parents in order to increase awareness, pride, involvement, and private giving.

Why does Cal need to raise money?

Since 1993–94, undergraduate tuition has increased from nearly $3,500 to nearly $16,000. At the same time, state funding has decreased from 36 percent of UC Berkeley’s annual budget to 14 percent. Private gifts help make our public mission possible, supporting the university’s greatest needs — including scholarships and fellowships, new faculty, and research — while ensuring that UC Berkeley retains its distinction as one of the world’s leading public institutions.

How can I engage my network to support Berkeley?

This website is chock full of stories, videos, digital swag, and other items to share. You may also check out the resources available at or email for more information.

About giving

What can I support?

Whether you are passionate about access to higher education for low-income students, providing food, housing, and other basic needs, groundbreaking research that illuminates solutions to pressing challenges, or a specific school, college, or program, there’s something for everyone. Visit to search for giving opportunities.

How do I give to Berkeley?

You may make a contribution directly through, or via check, securities, planned gifts, and other means. Explore this FAQ to find the option that suits your needs and interests.

Are there any benefits associated with my gift?

Gifts made anywhere on campus count toward participation in The Charter Hill Society, Berkeley’s annual giving recognition program. In addition, some schools and programs have their own donor recognition programs. Visit the society’s website for information on its impact and benefits.

Still have questions?

Do you need Berkeley’s tax ID number? Do you want to update your personal information? Does your company have a matching gifts program? Get the answers to these and other common questions on the FAQ on our giving site, or fill out the contact form below. We will forward your inquiry to the most appropriate person and get back to you as soon as possible.


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